Player Development Programs

Cougars NetSetGo Program

The NetSetGo Program targets players aged 5 to 6 years. The program is opened to both boys and girls. The program concentrates on netball related motor skill with fun games, music and dance. Sessions are held during a weekly over one hour. The program teaches the players:

  • How to pass and catch a ball;
  • How to shoot a goal;
  • Hand-eye coordination;
  • Teamwork;
  • Communication; and
  • Sportsmanship

The Brisbane North Cougars program is conducted out of Downey Park Netball Association on a Saturday morning by our Cougar coaches with our Sapphire and Ruby players making schedule visits during the program.

This program is also conducted at Brisbane Netball Association; Pine Rivers Netball Association and Redcliffe Leagues Netball Association. For further details please refer to the Associations’ websites and Facebook pages.

Cougar Cubs Program

In 2012, Brisbane North Cougars introduced the Cubs program. This program has seen over 1040 players from club and representative teams actively participate in improving their skills, fitness, nutrition, netball awareness and meeting and making new friends having the common passion of netball. The program is opened to any player between the ages of 12 and 15 years. After completing this program, players take their new found skills back to their own netball communities.

Players are allocated in specific skill level groups, which allow them to be challenged and yet at the same time have fun with like-minded players from our five affiliated associations. The program can not only be judged on the improvement of the players’ skills but the retention of players who return each year to further develop their netball skills and knowledge.

Players are allocated a training singlet with logos, the same as our Championship winning teams. The best part is
our Brisbane North Cougars players, when not playing in their state wide competition; attend the program to provide encouragement and support to all the players. Our Sapphire and Ruby players support our young players ensuring they have the opportunity to enjoy netball as they did in their netball developing years. Our Sapphire and Ruby players aim to be a familiar face to our younger players and be someone they can ask questions of, seek netball advice and just have fun with the great sport of netball.

The Cougar Coaches are actively involved in these sessions, providing a solid foundation to the participants so to improve their skills and knowledge of netball. Our program also encourages our Association coaches to attend the sessions and learn from them in a fun and friendly environment.

Information on registering for this program can be found on our website or on our Facebook page.

Cougar Cats Program

In 2014, Brisbane North Cougars introduced the Cats program. This program commenced with 30 players per season, until in season 2019 where 100 players were accommodated. This saw our coaches conduct four sessions a week to ensure the development opportunity was provided to as many potential higher representative players.

This program is the pathway for developing netballers within the Brisbane North catchment. The players are exposed to high level training practices and are required to have a high degree of drive, fitness and skills. The players work with the Cougars high performances coaches during the sessions.

To be eligible to participate in this program, a player must be playing with one of our five affiliated at Queensland Premier League level (16 and 18years) or in the affiliate association’s 15 years State Age team. The player must be nominated by their association or be talent identified by officials on coaches within the Cougars community.

The program is aimed at players between the ages of 15 and 18 years; however, talented players can be recruited from outside these age groups. Invitations will be provided to players prior to the program commencing.

Cougar Gems Academy

Following on from the highly successful development programs, it was identified due to the number of talented players from within our five affiliated associations; a further program was needed to further advance the skills of our talented players.

The aim of the Academy program is to provide a development pathway for identified players and to assist them to reach their potential and develop to be future Cougars. The program’s main objective is to deliver a skill development program that emphasise high performance behaviours.

The program will include activities from the ‘Develop a Diamond Academy Program’. Players who are 15 to 18 years are eligible for selection. Players who undertake the Cats Program will be selected to advance into this academy.

The program is designed for:

  • Individual player development;
  • Identify players between 15 to 18 years and develop their potential;
  • To improve player’s skills and understanding of all aspects of the game; and
  • To expose players to high performance coaches – Brisbane North Cougars Sapphire and Ruby coaches and specialist coaches.
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